Work Party 17th June 2016

Work Party 4th November 2016

P3 Working Party - 7th July 2017P3 Working Party - 7th July 2017

Treflach & Trefonen P3 Parish Paths Partnership

Work Party Pictures - 12th February 2016

Path 307/165/1 - Path Clearance between Sandrock Lane and junction of paths 307/167/1 and 307/167/2.

28th February 2016 - Trefonen Path Walk

Work Party Pictures - 28th April 2016

New Bridge laid across stream on Path 0307/7Y/2 near Coed-y-Gaer farm

21st November 2015 - Trefonen Path Walk

30th January 2016 - Trefonen Path Walk

Work Party Pictures - 4th December 2015

Paths 307/149/1 and 307/168/1 Before & After Gallery

Work Party Pictures -22nd May 2016

Repair to Stile on Path 307/170/1

Repair to Stile on Path 307/171/4

Work Party 14th July 2016

Replacement of Stiles with Kissing Gates on Path 307/145/1 - Before and After

Repair of Stiles and Cut-Backs

Work Party 18th November 2016

Installation of bridges across ditches and repair of stiles

Stile Maintenance 27th November 2016

Work Party 2nd December 2016

New Stile Installed Nantmawr 12/05/2017

Guided Walks - Trefonen Hill Walk Week May 2017

P3 Working Party Ty'n y Coed farm and Moelydd Paths 2nd May 2017

P3 Working Party Little London Lane 22nd June 2017

P3 Working Party -1st September 2017

Replacing a Stile in Treflach

Clearing a Path and Stile - Before & After